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Cal-Com Federal Credit Union offers the convenience of a check in a card. The Instant Cash VISA CheckCard can work like an ATM card or a check.

While it's a debit card not a credit card, it can be used anywhere worldwide that displays the VISA logo.


By presenting your VISA CheckCard at the time of purchase, the amount of the purchase will be deducted from your checking account. In addition to receiving a receipt from the merchant, a detailed record of every transaction will be reflected on your monthly statement.  For transactions of $15 or less, you may not receive a receipt.

Your VISA CheckCard is also your ATM card and can be used to withdraw cash from your savings or checking at any PULSE/CIRRUS ATM worldwide.

Should your VISA CheckCard or ATM card become lost or stolen, please call:  1-800-472-3272

If you do not know your card number, the routing number will be requested:  313187458


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