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Fee Schedule

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account.

The Categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means:
share draft, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means. 


Overdraft-each overdraft paid

$32.00 each

Nonsufficient funds item

 $32.00 each

Stop payment order

 $32.00 each

ATM/Debit Card reorder or replacement

 $5.00 each

Money Order

 $3.00 each

Credit Union official check

 $3.00 each

Check printing 

 fee depends on style/quantity of check

Deposited checks & other items returned unpaid 

 $3.00 each

Account activity printout 

 $2.00 each

Account research

 $20.00 per hour

Account balancing assistance 

 $20.00 per hour

Account closed within 90 days of opening 



 $.25 per page

Copy of check 

 $5.00 each

Collection item (incoming or outgoing) 

 $5.00 each

Fax (incoming or outgoing) 

 $1.00 per page

Electronic payment by phone or credit card 

 $10.00 each

Statement copies 

 $2.00 per page

Domestic wire transfer/Western Union - outgoing

$15.00 each 

Foreign wire transfer - outgoing 

 $45.00 each

Check cashing fee for non-members, accounts without direct deposit,
balances less than $100 and/or loan balances less than $1,000

1% of check amount

Automatic transfer of funds from a Share Savings account to
a Share Draft account

$3.00 per transfer

Return Mail of monthly statement until correct address is received in writing 

 $2.00 per account per month

Dormant Account Fee on accounts inactive for 12 months, excluding
accounts with Loans,CDs & IRAs

$5.00 per month

Excessive withdrawals from Savings or Money Market resulting in
Reg D violations - see account brochure

$25.00 each account per month

Below Minimum Balance Fees:  
Share Draft Checking w/Dividends - see account brochure 

 $6.00 per month

Money Market Share Draft Checking - see account brochure

 $10.00 per month

Regular Share Account - see account brochure 

 $1.00 per month

Commercial Share Draft Checking - see account brochure 

 $10.00 per month

Excessive Withdrawals Fee:  
Regular Share Account - see account brochure

 $1.00 per withdrawal over three

Money Market Share Draft Checking - see account brochure 

 10.00 per withdrawal over six

Checks in excess of three per month 

 $10.00 per check withdrawal

Early withdrawal from Christmas Club account   
No fee between November 15 & December 31 

 $10.00 per withdrawal

Early withdrawal from Vacation Club  
Before maturity 

 $10.00 per withdrawal

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